Confessions of an Audio Nerd

Posted on April 27th, 2012 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

A few things that have happened to me since starting at Trebas to make me see that I am officially a nerd (if there was any doubt):

  • The joke “Hey, can someone turn on the phontom power on Kieran’s voice?” not only makes sense, but is really funny.
  • I can no longer listen to Alanis Morisette’s album Jagged Little Pill without hearing every time she rustles her clothing or that one really bad punch that cuts off half her breath… (I won’t say the song, in case there are fans who would still like to enjoy it).
  • I have plans to build my own ribbon mic.
  • I was interested in a conference entitled Music Creator & Publisher Conference about the future of radio.
  • While attending an interesting Music Creator & Publisher Conference with a panel of radio station presidents about the future of radio, I get distracted by the ringing in the room.
  • I know what that means.
  • The discovery that I am within 2 degrees of separation to prolific recording engineer and producer Terry Brown send me on a nerdy tirade about how awesome that is for way too long.
  • I got excited when, during a ProTools lab, my cohort accidentally discoved that if you highlight a region and hit ‘E’, you can zoom in on this selected region.

If several of these things have happened to you and you are not already in the industry or studying to be, then perhaps you are on to something by reading the Trebas blog….

Victoria Elysse, Audio Engineering Student


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