Victoria’s New Mantra – Go For It!

Posted on May 25th, 2012 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Ahhhhh…  That is the sigh of relief when exams are all done and projects are neated wrapped. We are here now, 3rd term students, at the cusp; almost over the hump. For some reason, second term seemed to fly by. I am still in shock that it is May! It’s interesting how it seems to have passed in a flash, and yet it feels like reminiscing about ages past when I think about walking in to Studio 306 for the first time. I remember copying down the pages of notes explaining the set up for an overdubbing session. I knew, as I am sure we all did, that in nine weeks I would understand everything in those pages. Sure enough, by the end, those pages were far less intimidating. In point of fact, they were not even present during the examination.

Now, we get to decide how well we do this term. And yes, it IS completely up to each individual, not the school, not the instructors. The amount of effort applied by each student directly affects the results of each student. Something that seems so obvious, but is quickly forgotten when you try riding the wave of previous success. I speak from experience. Let me elaborate….

First term, I had something to prove; to myself and to everyone. When I had accomplished that (*cough *cough* 93% average*), I made the mistake of thinking just that: I had accomplished that. In reality what I had done was set the bar for myself. I now had this benchmark, which required a harder push to manipulate upwards.

Second term: I flopped. Not sure yet of my average, but I don’t need a number to tell me that I could have done better. I know it myself. I completely forgot that I reached a certain level because I worked hard to get there. On top of that, I could not rest there like the landing of a set of stairs. Nope, this is more like a StairMaster… the stair you decide to pause on pulls you down with it.

Third term: I vow to kick so much out of this next three months that they won’t know up from down. I had amazing advice from one of our wonderful instructors here when I started to get down on myself for sliding. I will paraphrase: At some point or another, everyone will fall. That is not the important part. What matters is how you recover, how you pick yourself up again.

And so I refuse to dwell on my mistakes and the handful of excuses for each. I choose instead to learn from them (and potentially get into making cheesy motivational posters for supplementary income…).

And so let this be fair warning to any prospective students and a sound, lifelong standard by which to live. Remember that when you are doing sit ups, you don’t do 100 and stop there. You continue to do 100 everyday. And everyday you add a couple more until one day you make it to 120, 140, 200. And then you have killer abs to show for it. And so, ladies and gents, it’s time for me to work on my abs… actually both figuratively and literally. It’s almost bathing suit season.


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