Choose the Film School that is right for you!

Posted on October 31st, 2012 - Written by: Josée Daigneault

At present, there are many different film schools that have various concentrations and in general, are expensive to attend. Therefore it is very important for someone thinking of studying film, to do their research before applying and enrolling. Certain schools may teach you how to use a camera but that’s not the point of film school. The major point of a film school education should emphasize the ability to tell stories in the visual medium of film and/or video and should cover the aspects of screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography and editing as well as film/TV distribution. Some schools teach the aspect of production; but post-production such as editing and sound effects, is equally important.

Very few schools cover the aspect of film distribution which can be critical when you go to sell your work. Unfortunately, few film professors are aware of the way in which the financing, sale or distribution of film/TV actually works. Most academics that simply study films are more into the world of film criticism and have simply not had the opportunity to sell their own films, which makes it even more important to attend a school with instructors that have real-world film industry knowledge, connections and production/distribution expertise. It is usually because of that connection with the industry that instructors can offer their students, networking opportunities when they graduate.

So when searching for a film school, don’t choose a school because of its name or ranking; instead, read up on the various programs that the school offers and choose a school that is appropriate to the kind of films you want to make. Some specialize in documentaries, animation, some experimental film and some strong narrative or dramatic filmmaking. Pick a school that has a pleasant, fun atmosphere because you will be spending a ton of time thinking, creating, writing and shooting, and it should really be the best year(s) of your life!

 by Kalman Szegvary, Producer & Head of Film/TV Production, Trebas Institute

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