Why Study Film and Television Production at Trebas?

Posted on September 20th, 2013 - Written by: Josée Daigneault

Why Study Film and Television Production at Trebas


Do you have what it takes to break into show business? Film has captivated audiences ever since it was first introduced in the late nineteenth century and just as the industry has steadily developed, creative individuals have turned their fascination with the medium into rewarding opportunities working on set, and eventually developing their own pictures to inspire the next generation. Every time we watch a film or television, we are investing our time in the expectation of being entertained or informed, and it is the talents of the production team that combine a compelling story with engaging visuals and sound to transport us into the director’s vision. Film is arguably the most collaborative artistic medium, and the best way to understand the various components that make the magic come together is film production programs.

Trebas Institute‘s Film and Television Production program is one of the most respected in the industry, providing students with all the tools they need to bring ideas to the silver screen with the management skills necessary to create successful projects. Beginning at the beginning, with no prior experience necessary, you will gain a better understanding of the industry in terms of historical context and the exciting innovations that are illuminating new opportunities today. There are no shortage of practical techniques to explore and develop, including screenwriting, sound recording, camera operation (both digital and 16mm film) and lighting techniques. Casting and the all-important video and sound editing process will be covered in detail.

Post-production takes the director’s footage of the screenwriter’s original script to re-tell the story in the way that takes the audience on the most rewarding journey. Trebas students will be able to participate in 10 to 12 production projects, with access to three formats of camera and state-of-the-art facilities, performing video editing on Final Cut Pro and ProTools HD. Of course, a production program wouldn’t be complete without the upper level production skills that get projects off the ground behind the scenes, including financing, distribution and promotion of film, television and new media projects.

Located in Canada’s two entertainment capitals, Toronto and Montreal, Trebas is conveniently close to television and film production studios and the top industry players that may provide opportunities for learning and employment. Students will have the chance to observe professionals at work and learn from the best while developing their own capabilities. But the benefits don’t end upon graduation! All Trebas graduates are offered lifelong employment assistance, including job hunting strategies, resume advice, interview preparation, and internship and job postings.

Careers in film and television are interconnected and by mastering a craft in one profession, doors will open for other jobs. Graduates of this program are working as production assistants, lighting technicians, cameramen, video and audio editors, and assistant directors, while having the skills to produce their own independent films. Knowledge is power, and an education at one of the best film schools in Canada is a valuable first step to a world of rewarding careers.

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