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Posted on April 4th, 2014 - Written by: Josée Daigneault

Film production programs can help launch your online video career

Film production programs can help launch your online video career

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In the last fifteen years, streaming video online has quickly gone from a glitchy, pixilated novelty item to being the new way to consume video. This is undoubtedly due to the absolutely jaw-dropping rise in popularity that YouTube saw in the mid-2000s, and how it continues to dominate the online streaming industry to this day, despite the attempts of thousands of competitors to dethrone it.

YouTube’s popularity has been responsible for the advent of television and movie streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu and more, which are responsible for changing the way that the world consumes television and movies. The incredible amount of opportunities available when it comes to streaming video has led to the rise of ordinary people becoming internet video celebrities and starting rewarding video careers online.

From pro “vloggers” – that is to say, video bloggers – to people who have created their own entertainment channels, the opportunities for online video careers are vast.

Professional YouTube Vlogger?

While it’s not the most reliable career option, people have definitely risen to the level of celebrity simply by recording themselves talking about their lives – literally blogging, but with video, not words. While it’s true that it has launched many careers, take Perez Hilton for instance, it’s a huge gamble, and chances are there won’t be many people who care about your candid descriptions of your day-to-day events. So what are the alternatives?

Comedy Gold

If you fancy yourself a jokester, prankster, or otherwise all around funny person, then getting some friends together and filming some sketch comedy or stand-up is a great way to start building an online video career. With the skills you can learn in film production programs, you’ll have no problem crafting great quality videos. Comedy troupes such as Halifax’s now defunct Picnicface – who recently released a full-length independent feature film called Roller Town – got their start uploading skits and videos to YouTube.

They eventually attracted the attention of big comedy sites like CollegeHumour and began to enjoy a great amount of internet fame from their Powerthirst video. Though the group is now defunct, most, if not all of its members are enjoying successful solo careers in comedy or have gone on to front successful web series like Dad Drives.

Inform, Entertain and Beguile

Another great opportunity for starting an online video career is to start doing an informative online show about something that interests you. Sites like ScrewAttack started with a bunch of people who loved video games getting together and producing reviews, playthroughs and news video about the gaming world, and it’s now a fully fledged YouTube channel and media network! Other shows like My Drunk Kitchen evolved from doing simple videos just for fun to become cult hits and secure their hosts book deals and speaking tours. There are a variety of film schools in Toronto that have excellent programs that will prepare you for making quality videos, and audio engineering college can help you get a better grasp on the audio aspect, too!

With online video careers, the main thing you have to remember is that Rome wasn’t built in a day – if you don’t get famous instantly, don’t fret. It can take years to build up a great reputation, but if you keep at it, you could eventually be working your dream job!

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