How to Market Talent as an Entertainment Manager

Posted on October 2nd, 2015 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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If you’re looking for a fast-paced career in the entertainment industry, entertainment management may be the field for you. Entertainment managers are promotors, designers, visionaries, and businesspeople all rolled into one.

They tend to a wide range of responsibilities that make the music business run—from graphic design and promotion to event planning and venue management to merchandising sales and more. The marketing aspect of an entertainment manager’s job is perhaps most central.

Without managers getting clients’ names out into the world, building fan bases, engaging with critics, and booking gigs would be nearly impossible for today’s musical artists.

Read on to learn how you can best market talent as an entertainment manager.

1. Music Management Training 101: Maintaining a Press Kit

If you pursue this career path, success begins with branding and promotion: deciding what a band’s image and sound is all about, and advertising that to potential fans and booking agents. Entertainment business management experts learn to create “press kits” that help relay this information, which include:

  • A brief band/artist biography
  • Contact information for you, the band’s management
  • Links to the band’s online presence
  • A demo CD or links to digital music files
  • A list of artists of similar styles and sound to the band (aka RIYL list–“Recommended if You Like”)
  • At least one high resolution photo of the band
  • Copies of favourable press reviews or interviews

As bands grow in experience and book gigs, their press kits grow to include information about past shows and tours. By showing that other venues have invested in them, a band becomes instantly more appealing to the reps of bigger and better venues, who speak almost exclusively in ticket sale numbers. Training will teach you the fundamentals of web design, financing, and online marketing that truly speak to these professionals and help your clients succeed.

2. Marketing Plans: Well-Organized Entertainment Business Management

Music business administration training dedicates a full term to practical management skills, including sales and distribution, event management, promotion and merchandising, video production, and financial administration. With the right planning, all of these skills can be applied to effective artist management.

Music marketing professionals make long-term marketing plans to visualize both long and short-term goals. By making a timeline of what you want to achieve, you can more effectively market your artists to the right people at the right times in the most effective ways. Industry pros schedule in campaign plans, meetings and referrals, and broader marketing goals along with their gig and tour plans to ensure they are consistently maximizing their bands’ marketable potential.

3. A Modern Marketing Must: Be ‘Plugged In’ to Booking Opportunities

A talent agent’s main role is to connect artists with the best opportunities possible. This means entertainment management professionals must spend the majority of their working time researching, networking, and negotiating employment opportunities for their clients.

The right training will give you insight on the changing climate of the music business and the role of agents and managers within it. From person-to-person meetings with industry leaders like record producers, to advanced independent online research, your job will involve keeping your finger on the pulse of the modern music industry and helping your clients succeed in its competitive market.

4. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Successful entertainment managers use all the tools mentioned above to promote their clients. And word of mouth is no longer promotion enough to impact the modern music scene. Skilled professionals use lucrative partnerships, innovative technology, and tactful social networking to drum up interest in their clients.

With the right training, nothing can stop you from becoming an entertainment manager who successfully markets each client to their best potential.

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