Proud of Our Graduates: Shea Al-Khair

Posted on December 4th, 2015 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Career in film production

This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’d like to highlight the achievements of Shea Al-Khair, a graduate of our Film and Television Production program. Shea was recently hired on the spot by Vistek Media after he impressed organizers of Toronto’s own ProFusion Film Expo.

Shea’s Story

Shea chose to pursue a career in film production because he had a yearning to work in the industry, bringing his cinematic and artistic visions to life. He cites his strong leadership skills and passion for storytelling as his key motivators, along with his the flexibility of his unique skill set.

So far, Shea has worked with Trebas and independently to develop his skills as a production assistant, scriptwriter, and director, taking opportunities to collaborate with professional casts and technical crews to help make film magic happen.

As well as being proficient in English and French, Shea’s mastery of the Arabic language sets him apart from the average Canadian film school graduate. But it’s his confidence, organization, and detail-oriented nature that helped him succeed in school and get noticed by industry professionals.

Kick-starting his Career in Film Production at ProFusion Expo

Shea attended and volunteered at ProFusion along with a selection of his peers from Trebas’ film editing school. Students there were able to network and meet with leading companies in the film and television equipment industry, enjoy learning from special guest speakers, and witness spectacular demonstrations of the industry’s latest innovative technology.

Vistek, the visual technology company that organized ProFusion, reached out to Trebas after the event through its marketing manager, Josie Genovese. Josie said the Trebas students were a great help at the event, bringing much-appreciated positive attitudes to the ProFusion atmosphere.

“They seemed excited to see a lot of the new tools coming to market,” she explained. “Most I think are eager to use them as they venture forward in their exciting filmmaking careers.”

And Shea in particular caught Josie’s eye. “He made such an impression on everyone at the event that I forwarded his resume to HR with my recommendations,” she told Trebas instructor and ProFusion coordinator Kalman Szegvary.

From Film Editing School to the Big Leagues: Shea Going Forward

Shea’s success at this event has opened doors for the next generation of Trebas students to partake in ProFusion. Event organizers are excited to meet more film school students at next year’s expo—and with Shea’s reputation preceding them, they’re already set to impress industry leaders with the skills and professionalism they develop at Trebas.

As for Shea himself, he says he’s keeping an open-mind to all stages of his film production career, especially when it comes to cinematography and storytelling about urban societies and communities.

Josie has promised to keep Trebas posted on Shea’s progress at Vistek. We’re proud of all Shea Al-Khair has accomplished, and look forward to seeing what more the industry has in store for him!

Inspired by Shea’s success? Contact us for more information about our film production courses, or apply online to start your own film production career today!

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