4 Public Speaking Tips That Can Boost Your Event Manager Career

Posted on January 1st, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Boost Your Event Manager Career

Public speaking is an important part of event management success. How important is it? At Trebas, for example, students spend an entire term on communications and marketing, where they learn—among many other important skills—the ins and outs of how to confidently and professionally address an audience. By carefully honing their public speaking skills, students graduate ready to take on event planning professionally!

If you’re interested in taking your public speaking skills to the next level, and want to get a head start on your event planning courses, read on for a sneak peek at some tricks top public speakers use.

1. Prepare for Your Presentation to Ensure Event Planning Success

As you learn how to become an event manager, you’ll find out just how important the preparation stage can be, especially when it comes to public speaking.

Before a presentation, it’s important for students and professionals to carefully research, practice, and prepare their presentation.

Students learn to carefully rehearse presentations ahead of time. They also run through their slides, and diligently check technical equipment well before it’s time to present. This preparatory work helps them fine tune their presentation so that it is at its best. It also helps them feel confident. In addition, by memorizing the material ahead of time, students won’t run the risk of reading from notes or slides once they are in front of an audience—experts know this is a big no-no in public speaking!

2. Have a Backup Plan in Place to Keep Your Presentation Running Smoothly

Even the best event planners run into the occasional mishap. That’s why a top event manager course often stresses just how important having a backup plan can be—with a good back up plan, event planners can deal with unforeseen challenges and keep their events running smoothly.

Before a big presentation, try to think of a few unexpected mishaps that might derail it, like a microphone not working or your slideshow file getting deleted. Then, think of a few solutions to these problems such as keeping backup files handy, or having a spare microphone to use.

With a backup plan or two in place, you can reduce pre-presentation nerves and feel ready for anything.

3. Use Slides Effectively to Take Your Event Planner Career to New Heights

Slides can be excellent tools for public speakers. They can help illustrate a point, reinforce the concepts you mention, and add depth to your presentation.

Sometimes, though, a slideshow can act as a distraction. To use slides effectively, follow these simple guidelines:

  • don’t write your entire presentation on slides
  • choose a large readable font
  • don’t overuse bright colours and animation
  • keep graphs and charts simple and easy to understand

By properly using a slideshow to complement your presentation, rather than take away from it, you’ll take yourevent manager career to new heights!

4. Find Your Unique Style & Give Your Public Speaking and Event Planner Career a Boost

One sure fire way to boost your public speaking skills is to pick a style that feels comfortable to you. If you have a good sense of humor, try adding a joke or two to your presentation. Perhaps you love telling stories; if so, you might try incorporating an anecdote that fits nicely with the key messages of your presentation.

Top public speakers know how to add a touch of personal style while maintaining professionalism.

Top public speakers know how to add a touch of personal style while maintaining professionalism.

Adding a touch of your personal style helps you connect with audiences, and gives your presentation an authentic touch.

Want to learn other public speaking tricks for your event planning career?

Discover how Trebas prepares its event management students with practical hands-on courses.

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