4 Reasons to Work in Video Games after Sound Design School

Posted on January 29th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Video Games after Sound Design School

Video Games after Sound Design School

If you’ve got a knack for expressing yourself through music or an ear for recognizing quality sound, the right training can open doors to dozens of successful careers for you. You could become an audio mixer for television and film, a professional DJ, or you could make like Jaclyn Shumate and become a videogame sound designer.

You’ve likely heard Jaclyn’s work before: she created the audio used in such games as Fable Journey, Plants vs. Zombies, Kinect Star Wars, and many more. It’s an exciting field, and right here in Canada, industry leaders are looking to hire those like Jaclyn with state-of-the-art sound production training. Read on to learn why video game audio design is a stable and worthwhile job path for people like you.

1. Gaming Offers a Range of Opportunities for Sound Design School Grads

You might not expect the videogame industry to be brimming with viable job prospects, but it takes real workers with state-of-the-art training to produce even the simplest of games.

“I think most people who don’t already know about game development are surprised at how technical the job is,” explains Jaclyn. “You have to learn a wide variety of hardware, software, and different techniques to create the audio and get it into the game.”

With these kinds of skills, those with sound production and audio recording training can find work as videogame sound mixers, sound designers, and composers. And as the industry expands, more and more of these specialized technical roles are projected to become available.

2. Canada’s Videogame Production Industry is Thriving

Thanks to the massive popularity of mobile video gaming, which now accounts for 31 per cent of all gaming industry revenues, the video game industry in Canada is growing by what CTV refers to as “leaps and bounds.”

In the past two years alone, the amount of active game studios in Canada has grown from 143 to over 475, with steady job expansion experienced by longstanding companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard.

The popularity of gaming in Canada shows no sign of slowing down.

The popularity of gaming in Canada shows no sign of slowing down.

This is great news for students pursuing audio production careers, who now have their pickings from dozens of gaming industry jobs at established studios and newer start-ups.

3. Careers in Videogame Sound Design Pay Well

If you earn a career in videogame sound design and production, you’ll find yourself creating audio content and crafting them to match particular animations and environments in games. You’ll need to not only record or design the sound, but to implement it via audio middleware and test it in gameplay.

Because this work is so creative, intensive, and specialized, jobs in gaming sound design pay well. Graduates of audio design training who work in this field can expect to earn a salary ranging from $18,000-$150,000 depending on their experience. These salaries are also reported to rise quickly, according to Forbes Magazine, because of the fast-paced nature of the gaming business.

4. Sound Design School Grads Find Fulfillment From This Creative Work

Working in videogames isn’t your average career path. It’s colourful, exciting, engaging, and challenging—needing strong aesthetics, technical chops, and even great communication skills. Being able to use so many skills and flex so many creative muscles leads most gaming sound pros to achieve a great sense of personal and professional fulfillment.

Following your career calling to videogame sound design can give you pride and satisfaction you can’t find elsewhere. In Jaclyn Shumate’s words:

“Getting to do a final mix for a game, and realizing it sounds like what you’ve been imagining in your head for months – or years, in some cases – is one of my happiest work and artistic moments.”

Are you interested in pursuing a gaming career?

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