Want to Make a Music Video? A Quick Guide for Students in Film Making School

Posted on March 4th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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Have you ever wanted to create your own music video? There is no better time to put your work out there for the world to see!

For many of today’s music fans, services like Youtube and Vimeo are where they find and listen to what they like. Producing video footage set to an artist’s music is a great way to promote a band and their sound, find fans, and even generate ad revenue.

Whether or not you have experience in the field, the right audio visual production training will set you on track to achieving your own specialised production career. You’ll be given all the tools and support you need to effectively produce and direct your own work, including camera skills, lighting technique, sound mixing, and cinematography.

To get you started, here’s our basic guide to making your own music video:

1. You’ll Learn How to Develop Your Concept in Film Making School

Coming up with a great music video concept always starts by meeting with the musicians to discuss their vision of the song and listening to the song yourself. Take notes on the basic structure of the song, and locate any passages that you find particularly rewarding or compelling to listen to.

Your concept or vision for the music video should align with the emotional response you have to the music, and with the general pacing of the song itself. This will give you insights on the kind of tone you’d like the video to relay. By the end of this step, you should have a basic storyboard featuring the characters, settings, and general story you and your clients or partners hope to feature.

2. Scout Locations and Cast Members Using Your Film Production Education

Once you know what you would like to film, it’s time to scout appropriate filming locations and find your video’s cast and crew. In film school, you’ll meet these industry peers, and learn to see spaces and faces as they’d be viewed through a camera.

A music video director prepares a take on set

A music video director prepares a take on set

Film making school grads know that it’s easy to produce quality videos on a budget if you work with your film school peers, and take advantage of your familiarity with local city streets and geographical landscapes.

Sometimes the most compelling videos are made in the simplest environments. For example, Adele’s recent video for ‘Hello’ was filmed in a rural Quebec forest and a nearby apartment building. The video’s director Xavier Dolan believed these spaces conjured the particular tone he was looking for and offered the added convenience of being close to his own Montreal home.

3. Shoot High-Quality Footage Using Your Film Production Skills

Today’s top film schools know that producing great footage is about more than just the technical camera work. For example, Trebas’ film and television production courses will give you all the knowledge you need to shoot, light, and direct your own film.

On your music video set, simply cue the music—starting it early enough for your cast to get in sync with the lyrics or rhythm—and shoot your scenes according to your storyboards.

4. Post Production: Editing, Marketing, and Managing Your Music Video

When you pursue film production education at a top film school like Trebas, you’ll encounter a full term of editing and management courses, where you’ll learn what it takes to turn raw footage into a sleek and professional video.

You’ll learn through hands-on training in the post-production studio, along with comprehensive lessons about the important distribution and marketing business skills you’ll need to help your work gain traction on sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Upload your video to a sharing site and watch the views pour in!

Upload your video to a sharing site and watch the views pour in!

With the right training and your own ambition, nothing can stop you from creating iconic music videos of your own.

Are you comparing film schools in Canada to find one that’s right for you?

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