4 Characteristics of Successful Audio Production College Grads

Posted on March 18th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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Before reaching your ears, every film soundtrack, radio broadcast, and top 40 hit passes through the fingers of an audio production professional. These skilled professionals can be found working for live concerts, film and radio, videogame and ringtone companies, corporate events, theatre performances and more.

If you’re interested in securing employment in any of these creative workplaces, finding the right training institute with experienced instructors and industry-standard recording equipment is half the battle. There are also certain key characteristics that suggest you are particularly well-suited to a career in sound.

Wondering whether audio production is for you? See if you have any of the following characteristics.

1. Audio Pros Are Open-Minded & Willing to Learn from Past Experiences

Today’s music and sound recording industry is complex and multifaceted. Not only do industry professionals arrange, compose and adapt sound, they’re also often called to negotiate recording studio rates and budgets, help performers make demos and book rehearsals, mix, master, and engineer recordings, collaborate with artists and beyond. That’s why many of the world’s best sound producers come from diverse walks of life. Working a range of fields and environments gives them a wealth of life experience from which they can draw skills and inspiration.

Your prior work experience, even if not directly related to the sound field, can support your career. For example, Oscar-winning sound engineer (Apocalypse Now, The Godfather) Walter Murch tried his hand at writing and editing before deciding to pursue sound production. He says this experience gave him valuable insight into how sound can influence different aspects of the storytelling process.

2. Great Audio Training Grads Have an Interest in Computer Technology

At its foundation, audio production is the manipulation of sound through digital or technological machinery.

“As a gear-head, I enjoy all the tubes and knobs and lights and boxes,” admits Seattle audio producer Stuart Hallerman. “I love music and technology.”

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Get your hands on the technological side of music-making in audio production training

An interest in the technological aspects of how sound is shaped and formed can help you adjust to the hands-on recording sessions you’ll face in in audio training and throughout your sound production career.

3. People Skills Are Key to an Audio Training Grad’s Success

One of the most essential aspects of a successful sound career is the ability to connect with people. Getting the most out of artists, managers, studio owners, production teams and more requires keen communication and collaborative skills.

“Part of recording is getting everyone fed and relaxed, getting their body chemistry adjusted, including my own,” explains Hallerman. He helps artists record their best performances by offering strategic support, with phrases like “your voice sounded beautiful today, just sing it one more time.”

If you consider yourself a strong communicator or you’ve worked in a customer service environment, you may already have this important and encouraging characteristic. With audio courses you can combine your people skills with practical industry knowledge—a recipe for recording success.

4. The Most Important Audio Pro Characteristic: A Passion for Music

Regardless of your professional skill level now, you’ve proven you already have a passion for music by reading to the end of this article. This passion is the most important tool you can use to launch a rewarding sound career.

“I’ve been consistently impressed with the students’ eagerness to jump in,” says Murray Foster, bassist for Great Big Sea and instructor at Trebas. “For the final assignment of every semester, there is (amazingly) always at least one song that makes me think, ‘that song could be on the radio tomorrow.’”

If you have this passion and the traits detailed above, the right training can get your career on-track and your creations radio-ready.

Are you interested in pursuing audio production courses?

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