Proud of Our Graduates: Jennifer Smith

Posted on March 25th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’re introducing readers to Jennifer Smith. Jennifer took part in Trebas’ event and venue management program, turning her natural enthusiasm and positivity into a rewarding career. Read on to learn how she did it, and why she chose to pursue this path.

How it All Began

After several years of travelling around North America and the United Kingdom, Jennifer knew she was good at interacting with people from all walks of life. She knew she could adapt to changing circumstances with ease, and keep a cool head and open mind to any adventure that came her way. She was ready to focus on her future, but she didn’t know how her particular skillset would translate into long-term professional success.

A major turning point came when she returned from her travels and encountered an ad for Trebas on the subway.

“I remember literally thinking to myself, ‘Event Management? That’s a thing? I think I might be good at that!’” she recalls. In a matter of months, she enrolled in the program and began working towards this exciting new career option.

Launching a Career with Trebas Event Management Training

Jennifer says Trebas became her top choice after she thoroughly researched her event management school options.

“I settled on Trebas because I felt it would provide me with the tools, skills, and education I needed in a time span that suited me best,” she explains, “and it did!”

In her courses, Jennifer says she learned “just how much goes into creating and implementing an event,” because she felt the program was “really well-rounded.” Time management, content creation, design and décor, staffing, catering, and sponsorships are just some of the elements modern event managers learn to coordinate at Trebas. For Jennifer, her particular favourite was the exhibit marketing class.

“I’m an incredibly creative person and the final project for that class was to build a mini model of our exhibit for our event,” she explains. “I very much enjoyed that.”

Life After Event Management Courses

With Trebas, Jennifer got the skills and experience she needed to secure both an internship and a job, straight out of school. Through Trebas’ event management training program, Jennifer secured an internship with the event planning agency DX3. She is currently completing this internship, and says she can’t wait to participate in DX3’s upcoming events.

“It’s been an incredible experience getting to work with other event professionals and being able to contribute my skills towards something great,” she says.

After DX3, Jennifer is moving on to become a volunteer coordinator for an events company called Achilles Media. She met with Achilles while she was still enrolled in Trebas looking for an internship. The company was so impressed with her training and enthusiasm that she was offered a job instead!

“I have to say getting offered a job before I’m even finished school was an incredible feeling. I’ll be working specifically for the Banff Media Festival and will be venturing out west sometime in the near future to do that.”

Congratulations Jennifer! We are so proud of all you have achieved, and look forward to hearing about what your future has in store.

Inspired by Jennifer’s story?

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