Proud of Our Graduates: Maahin Heman

Posted on April 8th, 2016 - Written by: Matt Hantin

Maahin (right) with Kalman Szegvary, director of Trebas’ Film & TV Production Program

This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’d like to highlight the achievements of Maahin Heman, a graduate of our Film & Television Production/Post Production program. Maahin now works with the CBC and independent filmmakers, using his training and passion to help bring their stories to life.

Destined for Film & TV School? How it all Began

Maahin has aspired to work in film and television from a young age. Since childhood, he’s had a passion for all things film, TV, and theatre. This passion led him to study media and communications at the University of Windsor after graduating high school.

“My major was Communications Studies,” says Maahin, “and I took a lot of media, art history, political science, film history, video production and cinematography courses as part of my curriculum.”

Maahin graduated with Honours in 2008, but decided that his educational journey wasn’t quite finished. He wanted the kind of hands-on production training you can only get from a film production college.

“Trebas popped up on Google,” he explains, “and I liked the fact that it was a well-known academic institution with a vigorously established film & TV department.”

Launching his Career with Trebas Film Production College

Maahin knew instantly that the Trebas community would be a good fit for him.

“I called the Toronto Campus, and after a very exciting and insightful conversation with a quite knowledgeable admissions advisor, I decided to enroll into their 1-year diploma program for Film and TV Production and Post-Production.”

In the film courses at Trebas, Maahin built confidence in his ability to succeed as a filmmaking professional. He got firsthand technical experience with state-of-the-art equipment and developed the right career skillset for the film and TV industry. And importantly, he had fun.

“Trebas connected me with likeminded students and mentors,” says Maahin. For example, he recalls having “a ton of fun” working as the cinematographer and camera operator for his friend and classmate Colin’s film, Emily’s Sketchbook. This experience helped him gain an internship in cinematography and producing with the Toronto-based Octopus Media Group.

On Paper, On Screen, and Behind-the-Scenes: Maahin Going Forward

Now with a Trebas diploma under his belt, Maahin has found himself working in a wide range of media industry positions. From background acting work on TV (Saving Hope, Beauty and the Beast, Nikita) to independent film production and beyond, Maahin’s contributions to the Canadian film and TV industry continue to impress.

“I’ve hosted movie-nights at the Revue Cinema, assistant-directed on various TV shows and feature films with the Directors Guild of Canada, and currently work in Audience Relations for CBC’s ‘Cross Country Checkup,’” he explains.

Maahin’s official title is Author and Radio Programmer/Audience Relations with the CBC. He says he plans on returning to the Director’s Guild for work in the near future, along with finishing his first novel—“a children’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy”—using his skills in pre-production and storytelling.

His advice for those interested in following his career path:

“If you want to realize your dreams, be bold…plan your career, take initiative, and network with like-minded and rightminded professionals!”

We’re proud of all Maahin Heman has accomplished, and look forward to seeing what more the industry has in store for him.

Inspired by Maahin’s success?
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