How to Market Your Skills After Music Producing College

Posted on April 15th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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Enrolling at an audio production college gives hopeful producers, recording artists, and DJs a chance to really fine-tune their skills. Not only does it further ignite their passion for music, it also provides an environment full of high-end recording equipment, the latest software, and like-minded students. This combination allows students to produce quality tracks that rival what comes out of some of today’s top record label studios.

Once you’ve graduated and have mastered the techniques you’ll need to produce great tracks, the next step is to get your music out into the world. If you’re looking to pursue a career in the recording industry, here are a few tips from the experts on how to market your skills once you’ve graduated.

Build a Fan Base After Music Producing College by Connecting with Local Artists and Businesses

Whether you plan to record your own music or produce high-quality tracks for up-and-coming artists, it often takes a fan base to create a successful music career. To start building up your fan base, you could try contacting many different branches in the industry, like radio stations, event organizers, established recording studios, or other artists with a big audience. This will help you get more exposure for the music you’re recording after music producing college. Social media can also be a great place to reach out and take the first step towards building these relationships.

Update Your Website With Engaging Content After Music Producing College

In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, having a web presence is key, and keeping your website fresh and engaging is important. Students in recording arts schools know that a professional website where you can regularly post content doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even learn how to build one completely on your own for little to no cost.

There are plenty of music lovers out there looking to catch up on the latest up-and-coming artists

There are plenty of music lovers out there looking to catch up on the latest up-and-coming artists

In order to attract new fans and keep existing ones happy, it’s important to consistently upload videos, tracks, blog posts, and other content to your website. A website full of updated content also gives you the ability to connect with other artists, producers, and industry pros who are looking for talent—making it a sound investment in your future career.

Use Digital Distribution After Music Producing College

It’s pretty easy these days to distribute your finished tracks online with the help of major retailers and free platforms. For quick exposure, try posting tracks on sites like SoundCloud. You’ll then be able to easily link your track to your website, social media, or wherever else you would like to post it.

There are also plenty of companies who will send your tracks to major online retailers like iTunes for a small price.  This will get your music right next to some of the world’s biggest artists and major labels. Although you may not gain fame and fortune overnight, being on the same platform with big names can be a great way to market your producing skills and get your tracks heard.

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