Trebas Success Story: Sarit Vinar

Posted on April 22nd, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’re introducing readers to Sarit Vinar. After excelling in Trebas’ Entertainment Management program, Sarit has earned herself a place in the star-studded field of music production and performance. Her passion for music and determination to succeed have helped Sarit every step along the way.

How it All Started

Sarit has always considered herself to be an “outgoing extrovert,” the kind of person who makes her mark on the world. And she’s seen a lot of it, having moved over 20 times in her life.

She prides herself on having always fostered an interest in the music industry, and taking any and every chance she’s been offered to take part in it. The chance to study music full time wasn’t lost on her! And Toronto was calling to Sarit, so Trebas seemed like a natural fit. In her own words:

“I was looking to move to Toronto to pursue a career in the music industry, but needed something to get me started. Trebas was the answer. “

Launching a Career with Trebas Audio + DJ Training

Sarit enjoyed her time in training at Trebas. She found our campus to be an accepting and supportive learning environment.

“Staff and students support each other,” Sarit recalls. “Classes are small, so you’re able to connect better with students and teachers.”

Along with a tight-knit atmosphere, Sarit says Trebas provided her with “key knowledge about the music industry and its different areas.” In entertainment management college, she and her peers were able to get opportunities for real-world experiences and hands-on technical training.

Sarit says a personal highlight of her time at Trebas was “bringing in a song/artist to share every Friday” in one of her music classes.

“We got to listen to a variety of music and get familiar with all genres,” she explains.

Life After Entertainment Management School Graduation

So how is Sarit applying her entertainment management training in her life today?

Since completing her program, Sarit has landed a job with The Phoenix Concert Theatre. The Phoenix has been an institution of the Toronto music scene for over 20 years, hosting hundreds of artists including The Rolling Stones, The Tragically Hip, Bob Dylan and internationally renowned contemporary artists like Death Cab for Cutie and USS. Putting music management skills to work in this atmosphere is a dream come true for Sarit.

“It’s awesome,” she explains when talking about her career, “but you’ll have to stay tuned for the more exciting stuff!”

We at Trebas have no doubt that Sarit’s passion and motivation will carry her far!

If you’re considering pursuing this career path, here is Sarit’s advice for you:

“Make yourself present in the scene you want to work in. This is the number one reason I’ve managed to find success. Go to shows, network, and volunteer for EVERYTHING! You never know who you’ll meet and what opportunities may arise!”

Inspired by Sarit’s story?

Contact us for more information about Trebas’ entertainment business management courses, or apply online to start your own music industry career today!

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