3 Apps Every DJ School Student Should Download

Posted on May 20th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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DJing has become an international phenomenon, making cultural waves from the beginning of hip hop and vinyl ‘scratching’ techniques in the boroughs of New York circa 1970, to contemporary dance DJs playing to almost 200,000 people at festivals like Tomorrowland.

DJs used to have to carry around crates of vinyl records to play, but now DJs can access an endless amount of music from their computers and keep the music playing longer and with more precision. Modern DJ applications present to users a virtual reproduction of a regular DJ setup; two or more turntables and a mixer, which appears on the computer screen and is electronically connected to special computerized turntables, called controllers.

Keep reading to learn about the three best DJ applications that DJ school students might want to use during their careers.

1. Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro: Gold Standard of DJ Applications for DJ School Students

Let’s start with arguably the most well-equipped DJ application on the market: Native Instruments TRAKTOR pro. This software has it all, for a very reasonable price. Costing $165 and working for PC and Mac users, this software is flexible, reliable, and able to take your skills to the next level.

This application enables artists with DJ training to mix on four virtual decks and can be paired with the TRAKTOR Kontrol S4, one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly controllers on the market. It lets you add effects, change tracks, tweak volumes, and get artistic with your mix with one product, right out of the box. Actually, the TRAKTOR Pro DJ software comes free when you purchase a TRAKTOR Kontrol controller.

Pairing TRAKTOR Pro with the Kontrol S4 can provide DJ school students a powerful package to DJ with

Pairing TRAKTOR Pro with the Kontrol S4 can provide DJ school students a powerful package to DJ with

2. Ableton Live is a Great Learning Tool For DJ School Students

Ableton Live has one of the friendliest DJ application interfaces available for DJ school students; it’s colorful, it’s interactive, and it is easy to use. Ableton Live wasn’t really originally built to be a DJ application, but it has begun to be utilized by professionals all over the globe to lay down some awesome sets.

This software begins to blur the lines between a live performance and a DJ performance, as it contains loads of built-in sounds that can be triggered through a keyboard or other device, so you can play a live-sounding instrument overtop of the tracks you’re spinning. Think that one house track needs a horn overtop? Add it. Keep in mind, because Ableton is naturally an audio production application, it does cost upwards of $500, which can be a bit pricey for students starting out their DJ training.

3. DJ School Students Know Serato DJ Started the Virtual DJ Wave

Serato DJ is an application that led the way in transitioning from physical vinyl DJing to virtual DJing. Although Serato has become less popular over the years with the emergence of a plethora of competing applications, it is still an extremely powerful tool to keep the crowd’s heads nodding. Coming in at a price of $130, Serato DJ is the most affordable application on our list, but is still highly capable. It is available on both PC and Mac.

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