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Posted on May 27th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’re introducing readers to Lu Slone. Lu took part in Trebas’ audio program, and turned their fierce determination and passion for audio into a career that is already packed full of thrilling experiences, lasting memories, and amazing opportunities.

Read on to hear Lu’s journey, and how they are already making their mark on the Canadian music scene.

How It All Started

Lu is anything but your average audio engineer! Growing up in the Maritimes, Lu was raised by Buddhist parents, travelled to 12 countries on three continents, lived in four Canadian provinces, and also learned to speak three languages.

Throughout those early years, Lu developed a passion for music. As Lu recalls, “I play many instruments (mainly guitar) and have been writing songs since I was 8 years old.”

From an early age, Lu has had a passion for music

From an early age, Lu has had a passion for music

That’s why Lu decided on a career that was anything but your typical 9-5 job, and decided to study audio engineering. “Being raised and socialized female, I was never particularly encouraged or considered a candidate for this type of job.” But that doesn’t mean that Lu shied away from a challenge—far from it! “I discovered it and fought for it myself, on my own terms. Because I identify as “gender-queer” (preferring pronouns “they” and “their”), most people don’t know any folks in the industry (or anywhere, for that matter) who identify as such, so that certainly makes me unique.”

Launching a Career with Trebas Audio Training

The first step to beginning their career was to find the right audio production college, and after careful research, Lu decided on Trebas.

“I liked the fact that Trebas is the first and oldest recording school of its kind in Canada,” says Lu. “The fact that there are locations in both Montreal and Toronto speaks to the Institute’s legacy and reach.” Lu also loved the hands-on approach at Trebas, saying that “the fact that the labs are held in real working recording studios in the city (Sonic I and Studio 306), rather than just an in-school set-up, felt like a leg up.”

Lu credits the hands-on approach at Trebas for giving them a solid foundation in audio engineering

Lu credits the hands-on approach at Trebas for giving them a solid foundation in audio engineering

That initial decision to go to Trebas paid off. As Lu remembers, “I walked into the doors at Dundas West in September 2012 knowing NOTHING about audio recording, production, acoustics, microphones, Pro Tools… nothing. In 2013 when I walked out the door, I had a solid foundation for everything that I needed to start working out in the real world with professionals…”

“I literally wouldn’t be working in this industry if it wasn’t for everything I learned at Trebas.” says Lu.

Life After Graduating From Audio Production College

After completing their audio courses at Trebas, Lu worked diligently at advancing their career. Lu says that “I took whatever jobs, gigs and opportunities that were thrown at me, as well as seeking others out.” Those early opportunities included an internship at Dream House, where Lu gained “a firsthand experience in the music world; mainly hip hop/rap and rock recording”.

Lu worked on many different projects after graduation

Lu worked on many different projects after graduation

But Lu didn’t stop there. Whether picking up substitute gigs, setting up gear for conferences, working as an audio assistant for musical theatre shows, or even recording location sound for a short film, Lu continued to work tirelessly. That’s when Lu landed their second internship, “This time, at a post audio house that does mainly commercial work called Grayson Matthews. I learned so much more about this other part of the industry of audio for advertising.”

All that hard work eventually turned into a full-time position as an Assistant Engineer at Tattoo Sound + Music (TA2). But that’s not all that Lu is working on at the moment. Lu hints that “on top of all my 9-5 work, looks like I may be recording a weekly podcast called Exploit, ‘a podcast about hacking the system.’ Also, I just brought my friends in the band Danger Dean & The Laser Beams into the studio to record, and will be working on mixing and producing this song called ‘Saddle Up’.”

The future looks bright for Lu!

The future looks bright for Lu!

We have no doubt that the future is bright for Lu, and we look forward to hearing their next successes. Congratulations Lu!

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