Trebas Helps Fight To End Cancer Deliver Knockout Gala Fundraiser!

Posted on June 17th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Trebas lent its support to a great cause at this year’s FTEC Gala

Trebas lent its support to a great cause at this year’s FTEC Gala

The Trebas Institute was proud to be in the corner of the Fight to End Cancer Charity (FTEC) on June 4th, as they hosted their most successful gala ever.

The event featured ten volunteers with no prior experience engaging in Olympic-style boxing matches, and is projected to have raised over $170,000 towards cancer research for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

And although they didn’t step in the ring on the night, Trebas students, alumni, and faculty all played their part. Trebas graduate Mitch Agar recorded a song for the event, which played during the gala, as well as featuring in one of FTEC’s commercials. To help bring this very special track to life, Agar turned to his former instructor, Trebas’s Head of Audio Engineering Jeff Wright, who served as the producer.

But the school’s contribution didn’t stop there. Current film production student Harrison Edgecombe was given the task of editing two promotional videos for the event, which showcased the role of some of FTEC’s most important sponsors.

You can check out some of Harrison’s handiwork here:

Now in its fifth year, the FTEC gala has so far raised over $500,000, and hopes to generate over $1 million by 2018. Trebas is looking forward to continuing to lend our support to this great cause!

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