3 Online Video Related Career Paths for Film Production College Grads

Posted on July 8th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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The beauty of a film production education, aside from the beauty of the actual art being created, comes from the diverse career options that await you upon graduation. We are living in a visual culture. A culture that watches 4 billion videos YouTube and 8 billion videos on Facebook each and every day. With the global love of video currently at extraordinary levels, the time is right to make the move into film production to land a rewarding career quickly. There is, however, an incredibly wide spectrum of film related careers to choose from.

Read on to discover what types of online video related career paths are available for students after graduating from film production college.

1. Film Production Education can set Students up for Business Video Blogging

Did the video blogger kill the text blogger? The short answer is yes. Text blogging as a medium began to rise in popularity at the beginning of the 21st century, but started to slip as more people began to gravitate towards video blogs. Becoming an expert in video blogging practices puts you in a position to serve both individuals and companies.

Graduates of film production college can create video blogs for businesses

Graduates of film production college can create video blogs for businesses

As companies discover the importance of blogging, business blogging has become an expanding industry. Even companies like Coca-Cola and Blendtec have jumped on board and started producing their own video blogs. If you decide to use your film production education to begin working in the business video blogging industry, remember that keeping a conversational tone in your videos is important for viewer engagement levels to be high.

2. Film Production College can Lead to the Production of a Web Series

Web series are television series that are accessed solely through the internet. After a rocky start, web series have begun to explode in popularity. They are easy to produce, light on the wallet, and have a potential audience of 3.4 billion internet users. Creating a web series can be done for a multitude of reasons, like trying to get a TV pilot off the ground. It’s also a good way to get around waiting for production money or approval to start filming a show. The rise in the popularity of web series means that directors will be increasingly needed all over the world, as the internet’s reach is expanding rapidly and globally.

3. Graduates from Film Production Courses can go on to Make Video Marketing Campaigns

According to hubspot.com, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a marketing video. Including videos in emails also increases click-through rates—the number of people who click through the email to the website of the email sender—by 200-300%. That’s good news for students in film production college, as these are impressive numbers. Companies all over the world are utilizing the power of video to reach potential consumers, meaning that they need video content creators to create video blogs from start to finish.

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