Ready for Film and TV School? 3 Tips for Setting up Your Own Screenings

Posted on July 1st, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Setting up Your Own Screenings

So you’ve finished writing, producing and directing your first film project—now what? Well, it’s time to show it off in the world. Having a film screening is a great way to not only show off your work to your friends, colleagues, and possible industry contacts, it is also a wonderful way to bring your community together and receive constructive feedback on your film from a wide array of sources. The iconic movie Titanic, which to date has grossed $2.5 billion in revenue, originally had an ending that showed the main character (Leonardo DiCaprio) fighting his enemy for a diamond at the end of the movie. During a screening, this part was called out as running counter to the main character’s tendencies and motivations, and so it was cut. The new shortened ending shifted the tone of the film’s climax and, well, the rest is history. It goes to show just how useful screenings can be, and they can be rather simple to set up.

Here are three tips film and TV school students need to know in order to have a successful screening.

1. Film and TV School Graduates Should Choose Their Venues Wisely

Choosing the right venue for your first film screening is incredibly important, as it creates the atmosphere for the evening and will likely take up the largest part of your budget. Once you graduate from courses in television at Trebas, you won’t have to travel very far to find some of the most unique film screening venues in North America. For example, one venue known as Cine Cycle is a bicycle repair shop by day, but at night can be rented out for film screenings. This spot is perfect for experimental films, and so if your film and TV school experience leads you to make something abstract, this may be the spot to show it. Other possible venues include Studio 60, as well as local libraries and universities.

2. Graduates from Television Schools Can Jazz Up Their Screenings

Even though your film screening may not have the allure to bring in celebrity guests (just yet), there is no harm in dressing the night up a little bit! This can be done by advising guests to wear their classiest attire, while also making sure your film screening venue features a red carpet, a place to pose for pictures, and some other classy Hollywood accessorizing that makes the night feel special. Melissa Cogavin from the Event Cinema Association explains that “A red carpet, a glass of prosecco and a programme of the screening event all help to provide that added value that ‘eventizes’ the evening—and makes it so different from a standard evening at the cinema.” Try inviting some of the local press to make appearances—but make sure to give them an invite well in advance of your screening.

Added bonus: if you decide after taking Trebas’ courses in television that you would like to work in television, having press there for your screening can be a great way to make contacts.

3. Film and TV School Graduates Might want to Partner with Local Charities

Why not use your big night to create awareness or make some money for a local charity? Try and choose a subject that connects with your film in some way. For example, if your movie features animals, try partnering with the Toronto Humane Society, or if you touch on the politics of violence, look into a partnership with the Canadian Centre for International Justice. By not only showing a film, but also connecting it to the real world, your film screening helps to make an impact in your community, and will likely get more press and support as well.

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