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Posted on August 5th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

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Great teachers and insightful mentors can, and have, changed many lives. By sharing their experiences working in the industry, and teaching students the hands-on skills they need, the instructors at Trebas help each and every student graduate ready to launch their careers. These experienced and caring instructors have won awards, toured the world, and spent years working in Canada’s thriving music industry. They teach everything from audio in film and television to songwriting to modern production mixing and mastering and beyond. So whether you want to be the next great DJ, or become an audio engineer, Trebas’ many experienced instructors can help you achieve your goals. Many of them will even be able to give you advice based on their own experiences and careers in the industry.

Read on to discover the stories behind just two of the instructors you might meet at Trebas.

Murray Foster Is The Perfect Instructor For A Recording Course

There aren’t many people in Toronto who are more well-suited to be a Trebas instructor than Murray Foster. Foster has a music industry resume as long as Beethoven’s 9th symphony. He is the bass player for the Newfoundland band Great Big Sea, and was also a member of the Toronto satirical band Moxy Fruvous. The Great Big Sea have been nominated for many Juno awards and have become Canadian legends.

Foster has also produced shows for CBC radio and has recently used his skills for philanthropic reasons. In January 2012, Foster wrote and recorded thirty songs for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s DARE fundraiser. He really is proof that the skills you can acquire in recording school can go well beyond the recording studio, as the multi-talented man is set to direct a feature-length film called The Cocksure Lads which he wrote himself in addition to the entirety of the soundtrack for the film. With all his amazing experience in the field, Foster is the perfect instructor to give you real-world advice and let the best version of you shine through in your music. Foster currently teaches songwriting at Trebas. Check out the video below to see Murray Foster in action!

DJ Grouch Is A Toronto Hip-Hop Legend With A Lot To Teach In A Recording Course

Hip-hop is huge in Toronto. Since the dawn of the Toronto hip-hop scene, which saw the rise of hip-hop greats Kardinal Officiall and Saukrates, Toronto has been a hub for many top artists. DJ Grouch has worked with both of these artists, as well as a host of others. He has played at almost every venue in Toronto and has toured across Canada, the United States, and even Europe. DJ Grouch has recently focused on his production skills and released material under the name Pherenziks. At Trebas, students are lucky to learn from him when they take a recording course; he currently teaches audio engineering.

Hear DJ Grouch in action in the video below:

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