Want to Become an Event Planner? Discover how the Olympics Are Planned!

Posted on August 19th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

You must have strong organization skills in order to become an event planner

You must have strong organization skills in order to become an event planner

Imagine having to plan the biggest event in the world: the Olympics. Since 1896, when the first Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, they have consistently been the most elaborate, intense celebrations of athletic achievement, cultural pride, and patriotism on the planet.

From the date a host city is officially selected to the day those Olympics begin, there is usually an average of seven years in between for planning the event, working out its logistics, and ensuring it runs smoothly. Seven years are needed to work out how to redesign an entire city—its transport and warehouse logistics, supply chain operations, as well as the unprecedented increase in demand that many businesses will have to be prepared to handle.

If you’re interested in event planning, read on to find out three things that go into planning the biggest event in the world.

1. Anyone who Went to Event Planning School Knows the Importance of Managing Time

Without time management skills, the chances of an event falling apart before it even begins are high. This is especially true for the Olympics, which take seven years to plan; seven years to basically reshape the flow and look of a city so that it represents its country in the best possible light.

One of the benefits of having so much time to work with is that it allows event planners to indulge their creativity and look for unorthodox ways to fulfill their vision. An example of this would be the 2012 London Summer Olympics, where event planners got James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) to fly Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Opening Ceremony, before they both parachuted into Olympic Stadium. Coming up with and having the time to execute such a creative vision is a big reason why students choose to become an event planner.

Event planning school teaches you how to harness your creativity in a productive way

Event planning school teaches you how to harness your creativity in a productive way

2. Students in Event Planner Courses Know Planning the Olympics Includes Logistics

Logistically, event planning can be a nightmare without the proper training. From warehouse to transport to supply chain logistics, event planners need to juggle demands from different organizations. However, learning to manage all of these high-pressure demands is something that you learn in event planning school and that you witness in action during your training.

Event planning for the Olympics involves similar prioritization, but on a much bigger scale. For example, event planners for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics are working with the Brazilian Government to create a third metro line directly into some Olympic venues, while also developing a Bus Rapid Transit system to move spectators around easily; all this to solve transport logistics and help the city avoid traffic congestion during the event.

3. Event Planners Use Multidisciplinary Skills to Ensure Olympic Venues Stay Active

One of the best things about event planning is that it incorporates a variety of fields, from managerial skills to public speaking and then some. Not only does this allow you to develop many different skills, it also allows you to become a ‘jack of all trades.’

Event planners try to find creative, affordable ways to maximize the benefits of their events. An example of this is the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, where apartment buildings that were built for athletes and their entourage will be converted into condos following the conclusion of the Games. Such a shift forces event planners to research and understand multiple fields, from architecture to public safety to zoning requirements.

Event planning requires creativity, time management and problem solving skills, as well as familiarity with many different fields. For a busy, passionate, rewarding career, you can’t do much better!

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