Enrolling in Film Production College? These 2 Visually Stunning Films Will Inspire you!

Posted on September 16th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

These beautiful films are visually captivating and can serve as a great source of inspiration for students in film production college who are ready to shoot

There are so many beautiful films in the world, but have you ever wondered which elements of a film make it a classic? Usually the three most important elements are very simple, they are: storytelling, visual beauty, and acoustic beauty. Some movies have honed one of these elements more than the others, for instance some films have beautiful soundtracks that stand up over time, while others have an amazing storytelling capacity, and finally, others are truly pleasing to the eyes. There are many visually stunning films, but a few stick out as ultimate examples of what amazing art direction and directorial prose can accomplish in film.

Continue reading to discover some visually stunning films that could inspire your film career!

‘Enter The Void’ Will Inspire Students in Film Production College to Push Boundaries

Gaspar Noé’s film Enter The Void is so visually seductive that it may not matter what the mysterious film is all about. This film has somewhat of a deranged brilliance; it’s a grandiose display of light and colour that brims with stimulus. Everything in this film is shown through the eyes of the main character while he is alive, then changes to give the audience a view of Tokyo, where the film is set, from above, as if you were watching what his soul sees after death. The movie stuns with its shots from above that trace winding streets through the neon haze characteristic of the vibrant city. The visions of Tokyo are both real and imagined, meshing the visions of the main character with the city.

Noé captured the film’s stunning city scenes using a crane with a camera attached. Some of the crane shots were far too complicated, and often required a whole day to plan and shoot, so many of them were shot in studio with the city recreated underneath. It’s an exciting time to be in film production college as film technology can allow you to do things like shoot city scenes inside a studio.

Students at film production college know films often use cameras on cranes to capture a different view of reality

Filmmakers often use cameras on cranes to capture a different point of view

‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Has Been Inspiring Students in Film Production Programs for Decades

The fantasy world of Oz was adapted into a film in 1939, and is still a marvel of art direction today. Often, audiences explain that what they remember most from The Wizard Of Oz is the amazing colour in the film. Not the first film to be filmed in colour, but certainly the first to prove how captivating vibrant colours can be, The Wizard Of Oz demonstrated how colour, specifically new Technicolor technology, could help create fantasy worlds. Some very interesting special effects were used during filming as well, like horses being dyed with Jell-O powder. The scene had to be filmed quickly because the horses kept trying to lick themselves! Remember, students in film production programs don’t always have to use intricate special effects to get a desired shot or visual effect, sometimes it’s as simple as Jell-O powder!

Catch a glimpse of Oz’s horse of a different colour here:

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