2 Tips for Flawless Album Release Events for Students at Event Management School

Posted on October 7th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Interested in creating memorable album release events after event management school

It’s tough to beat the glitz, glam, and excitement of an album release event. Not only is it a huge party, but there’s a crackling, electric excitement in the air, brought by attendees thrilled to be witnessing music history.

Attending event management school is a great way to get a handle on creating unforgettable events like the showcase for a new album. Throughout their studies, students learn the ins and outs of properly marketing an event, negotiating contracts, and budgeting—all of which play an important role in helping any event go smoothly. If you’re interested in organizing a great album launch, it’s also a good idea to look at recent successes when developing your game plan.

Here are a couple of tips for hosting flawless album release events after your graduation.

1. Kanye West Teaches Students in Event Management Courses That Big & Simple Works Well

If you organize an album launch after completing your event management course, it might be worth taking inspiration from Kanye West. Kanye West has a way of working his big personality to big advantage. This strategy was in full force with the album launch for The Life of Pablo, which is a perfect example of how a well-marketed and simple event can draw up plenty of excitement.

The party went down at Madison Square Garden, with the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean in attendance, among others. West just talked up a storm, played his album off a laptop, and then turned control over to the attendees, letting them have a big party until their time in the stadium was up.

Though there wasn’t anything elaborate at play, West did work two important things to his advantage:

  • He got big names to show up to a big party in a big place.
  • He let existing anticipation for the album (created by endless Twitter updates and a free track release) do the heavy lifting for drumming up interest in the event.

Whatever your thoughts about West, there’s no denying that bringing in big names to your events, as well as drumming up plenty of excitement on social media, can be some useful ways to manage a successful album release.

2. Frank Ocean Showed the World That Mystery Can Be an Asset To Album Launches

As students in event management school know, effective marketing is often key to an event’s success. Many event planning programs, like the one offered at Trebas, include an entire term on communications and marketing so that students graduate prepared to advertise their events.

However, as students might know, sometimes an alternative to big, showy parties is to keep things mysterious. In fact, some events and album releases benefit from a more enigmatic and low-key approach. This tactic is exemplified by Frank Ocean, who was so reclusive in the lead up to the release of his last album, Blonde, that the hashtag #FrankWatch began to trend.

After sharing very limited details about the album in 2013, Ocean was mostly silent about progress on the work. Nearing the release of the album, he started limiting public appearances. He shared an enigmatic video of himself working at building a staircase, and then an entire visual album, called Endless. Perhaps most notably, he offered a limited number of free copies of Blonde inside of (also free) magazines he distributed in pop-up shops around the world.

By limiting advance information on the album and creating time-sensitive, unique distribution methods, Ocean managed to make his album release not just an event, but the resolution of a long-running mystery. And fans ate it up.

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