4 Great Event Management Apps to Use After Event Planning School

Posted on November 4th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Mobile event management apps make planning less complicated

Mobile event management apps make planning less complicated

If you’re highly organized, love people, and want an exciting career that constantly keeps you on your toes, then event management may be right for you. For those who choose to forgo the 9 to 5 life for an exhilarating career in event planning, there are many exciting opportunities ahead. From business conferences to charity drives, event planners can be found in every field working hard to bring people together. In the social landscape, weddings and parties seemingly grow more lavish by the year, requiring your creativity and expertise to make them go off without a hitch!

Planning the perfect event is an intricate process. However, with the help of the following mobile apps as well as in-depth training at an event planning school, the process can go much more smoothly.

1. Grads of Event Planning School Can Use Social Tables’ Site Inspector App

The company Social Tables offers some of the best event planning software in the business, providing seemingly endless resources to streamline your next event planning endeavors. One notable app they offer is Site Inspector. This app is the key to getting the most out of your site inspections.

Upon graduating from event planning school you will likely go on to perform hundreds of site inspections throughout your career. When scouting for a single event, you may inspect many potential venues in one day. And with the help of this handy app, you can catalogue your thoughts on each venue you visit. Its features include inspection templates, a Wi-Fi strength test, photo, video, and note taking capabilities, and more. Site Inspector helps make sure that you don’t forget any important details during a visit, and lets your creative process take over!

2. After Event Planning Courses, New Professionals Could Try Out the Super Planner App

After you’ve nailed down the budget and chosen a venue, you’ll need to start preparing some of the finer details of each event you plan. As grads of event planning courses know, the devil is in the detail. Fortunately, the Super Planner app lets you sort out many nitty-gritty details with a few simple touches of a phone or tablet screen. Easily calculate venue capacity using 15 different seating configurations, determine food and drinks servings, and even confirm staffing requirements using Super Planner. It may just be the answer to any future logistical woes!

Super Planner can help determine the right amount of food to offer guests

Super Planner can help determine the right amount of food to offer guests

3. Professional Event Planners Could Put Boomset’s App to Good Use

Boomset’s app, Event Guest List & Easy Check-in Manager, is every event planner’s dream come true. It streamlines all things registration. You can easily manage your guest list, guest check-in, and guest information, all from your smartphone or tablet. The app also functions as a ticket scanner, a platform to collect donations, and a way to communicate with your event staff team. As you may learn during your event planning courses, once the day of the event comes around, you’ll be busy making sure that everything unfolds according to plan. With this trusty app by your side, you’ll be able to be even more efficient, saving you time to deal with any potential mishaps that might arise.

4. After Event Planning Courses, New Professionals Can Use the Bizzabo App

Bizzabo is an app for both attendees and event planners. It has ticketing and registration capabilities embedded into its services, and lets you communicate with attendees before, during, and after the event.

Bizzabo lets you communicate with event attendees

Bizzabo lets you communicate with event attendees

The app also provides reporting and analytics, which is another great way to see what worked for your attendees and what didn’t, so that you can make your event even more successful next time. These features are just a tip of the iceberg. Bizzabo’s comprehensive app has an outstanding track record and has been used at over 5,000 conferences worldwide!

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