Posted on July 14th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

NataliaPragmatic, focused and decisive – Originally from Poland, Natalia and her family made their way to Canada when she was only six years old. “I was told we were coming to a new place and a new life where anything is possible, and I believed it,” Natalia mentioned to Marilyn Wasney, Department Head, Event & Venue Management, Trebas Institute, when she started the Program.

Natalia’s event management career would not be as direct as she would have liked. “I spent my 20s trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I kept trying my hand at a variety of roles sports management, pharmaceutical sales but none of these felt right. I felt like I was going nowhere and I did not belong anywhere specific, like I was displaced. I knew that I enjoyed certain aspects of some of the jobs but not one fully. Once I took the areas that I liked and was good at I realized they fit into event management. I researched the different schools and programs and decided on Trebas. I wanted a school that offered what I considered to be the best curriculum for me, and that was on the operations side. I think taking the EVM Program was the best decision that I have made so far in my life”.

When Natalia started in the Event & Venue Management Program she struggled as many students do when returning to school after being away for many years. “There is a certain level of commitment required for the EVM Program as it is intensive in nature,” noted Marilyn Wasney, “Natalia’s determination allowed her to figure this out pretty quickly – and when she did, she got focused and persevered”.

Being a hands-on person, Natalia also realized that if she was truly going to make it in events she needed to volunteer. “By volunteering, students start to see events through a different lens, this allows them to bring their education to real life,” commented Marilyn Wasney. “I wanted to learn as much as possible about the event industry – I want to see and be a part of it all and I did,” noted Natalia.

Seven weeks into the program Natalia’s event side really opened up – the struggle was over and Natalia was on her way. The weeks progressed and so did Natalia’s volunteering experiences – from baby steps to being involved with some major events. She volunteered with the Arthritis Society, Reel World, FanExpo, and Music Niagara, where she planned and executed a medium scale concert – handling everything from catering to stanchions and connecting with CEOs. More importantly, as Natalia’s experiences grew, so did her confidence level – she was living the connection between school and the real world and began to see that there was a true place for her in the event industry.

A major Program highlight for Natalia was the Exhibit Marketing course where Natalia took research to a whole new level. Working on a Polo Match for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, she involved herself fully by volunteering at another Polo Match (Richmond Hill) in order to really understand all aspects of the event and thus her project, which won her accolades from fellow students and even those within the Heart & Stroke Foundation.


Natalia’s big event breakthrough occurred when she received word that her internship would be at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC). Natalia remembers, “I can’t believe that I, ME, I am going to the MTCC. If you would have told me that at the beginning of the program, I would never have believed it in a million years that I would be able to do it – but now, bring it on!”

In order for Natalia to adapt quickly, she was completely immersed in the MTCC culture – and adapt she did. On the front lines from day one, Natalia began training on their systems, attending meetings, taking part in large events/small events, set-ups and take downs. “Natalia is someone who is able to accommodate and transition herself to the needs in her surrounding environment. Maybe it’s a result of her experiencing new surroundings and having to readapt from an early age, maybe it has helped her. She is very efficient and does not waste her words when she speaks which contributes to her being clear and focused in her direction,” stated Marilyn Wasney.

The day before Natalia’s internship ended she was offered the position of Exhibitor Services Representative.However, this was not to be Natalia’s fate. When she showed up to work on her first day, a half-hour into her new space, she found herself being called in to see her supervisor. “I thought I was going to be fired and I just started”, commented Natalia, “but I wasn’t – I was promoted! I am the Supervisor, Docks Department.”

The MTCC encompasses 2.8 million square/feet and in 2015 held 45 major conventions (such as FanExpo, an event which students worked), 332 meetings, 42 tradeshows, and 71 banquets all of which Natalia as Supervisor gets to work on with the assistance of approximately 48 union staff whom she is responsible for. Together, they coordinate the logistics for set-up, load-in and out for these events.

“It took a lot to get to where I am today, my journey taught me to always follow your heart and believe – really believe, even when you feel you can’t do it, you have to because believing becomes reality, just look at me and my life now”.


Jerry Bishop (Business Assessment Solutions) presented Natalia with her award.

By Marilyn Wasney, Department Head, Event & Venue Management Program

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Trebas Graduates Honoured at Career Colleges of Ontario Awards Gala

Posted on June 23rd, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

Trebas staff joins grads Shea Al-Khair (second left) and Natalia Kozimor (second right) at the gala

Trebas staff joins grads Shea Al-Khair (second left) and Natalia Kozimor (second right) at the gala

We at Trebas Institute know how wonderful our graduates are—and leading academic organizations recognize it too! We are very proud to announce that two of our grads have been named Graduates of the Year by the prestigious association, Career Colleges of Ontario (CCO).

Trebas grads Natalia Kozimor and Shea Al-Khair were celebrated for their hard work and success at CCO’s recent red carpet award ceremony in Toronto’s Blue Mountain Resort.

Natalia (from our event management school) was named Outstanding Graduate in Business/Business Administration Management. Her extensive volunteerism and determination to succeed set her apart as a leader in her field, and a highly deserving CCO award candidate.

Starting off with baby steps, Natalia volunteered at local community events, learned her trade on our Toronto campus, and eventually became involved in organizing some of the city’s biggest events. She earned an internship with the Toronto Metro Convention Centre through her studies at Trebas and now works for the centre full-time.

Shea (from our film production college) was named Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts. Another Trebas student who went above and beyond his course work, Shea’s shining personality, positive outlook, and love for cinematography got him noticed by CCO.

Like Natalia, Shea earned employment through his Trebas internship. The video technology company ‘Vistek’ was quick to hire Shea after he impressed Vistek’s marketing team with his passion and post-production expertise. (You can read more about Shea’s well-earned success here.)

From all of us at Trebas Institute, congratulations Shea and Natalia!

Inspired by our graduates?

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Trebas Success Story: Sarit Vinar

Posted on April 22nd, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

entertainment management college

This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’re introducing readers to Sarit Vinar. After excelling in Trebas’ Entertainment Management program, Sarit has earned herself a place in the star-studded field of music production and performance. Her passion for music and determination to succeed have helped Sarit every step along the way.

How it All Started

Sarit has always considered herself to be an “outgoing extrovert,” the kind of person who makes her mark on the world. And she’s seen a lot of it, having moved over 20 times in her life.

She prides herself on having always fostered an interest in the music industry, and taking any and every chance she’s been offered to take part in it. The chance to study music full time wasn’t lost on her! And Toronto was calling to Sarit, so Trebas seemed like a natural fit. In her own words:

“I was looking to move to Toronto to pursue a career in the music industry, but needed something to get me started. Trebas was the answer. “

Launching a Career with Trebas Audio + DJ Training

Sarit enjoyed her time in training at Trebas. She found our campus to be an accepting and supportive learning environment.

“Staff and students support each other,” Sarit recalls. “Classes are small, so you’re able to connect better with students and teachers.”

Along with a tight-knit atmosphere, Sarit says Trebas provided her with “key knowledge about the music industry and its different areas.” In entertainment management college, she and her peers were able to get opportunities for real-world experiences and hands-on technical training.

Sarit says a personal highlight of her time at Trebas was “bringing in a song/artist to share every Friday” in one of her music classes.

“We got to listen to a variety of music and get familiar with all genres,” she explains.

Life After Entertainment Management School Graduation

So how is Sarit applying her entertainment management training in her life today?

Since completing her program, Sarit has landed a job with The Phoenix Concert Theatre. The Phoenix has been an institution of the Toronto music scene for over 20 years, hosting hundreds of artists including The Rolling Stones, The Tragically Hip, Bob Dylan and internationally renowned contemporary artists like Death Cab for Cutie and USS. Putting music management skills to work in this atmosphere is a dream come true for Sarit.

“It’s awesome,” she explains when talking about her career, “but you’ll have to stay tuned for the more exciting stuff!”

We at Trebas have no doubt that Sarit’s passion and motivation will carry her far!

If you’re considering pursuing this career path, here is Sarit’s advice for you:

“Make yourself present in the scene you want to work in. This is the number one reason I’ve managed to find success. Go to shows, network, and volunteer for EVERYTHING! You never know who you’ll meet and what opportunities may arise!”

Inspired by Sarit’s story?

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Proud of Our Graduates: Jennifer Smith

Posted on March 25th, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

event management training

This week as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’re introducing readers to Jennifer Smith. Jennifer took part in Trebas’ event and venue management program, turning her natural enthusiasm and positivity into a rewarding career. Read on to learn how she did it, and why she chose to pursue this path.

How it All Began

After several years of travelling around North America and the United Kingdom, Jennifer knew she was good at interacting with people from all walks of life. She knew she could adapt to changing circumstances with ease, and keep a cool head and open mind to any adventure that came her way. She was ready to focus on her future, but she didn’t know how her particular skillset would translate into long-term professional success.

A major turning point came when she returned from her travels and encountered an ad for Trebas on the subway.

“I remember literally thinking to myself, ‘Event Management? That’s a thing? I think I might be good at that!’” she recalls. In a matter of months, she enrolled in the program and began working towards this exciting new career option.

Launching a Career with Trebas Event Management Training

Jennifer says Trebas became her top choice after she thoroughly researched her event management school options.

“I settled on Trebas because I felt it would provide me with the tools, skills, and education I needed in a time span that suited me best,” she explains, “and it did!”

In her courses, Jennifer says she learned “just how much goes into creating and implementing an event,” because she felt the program was “really well-rounded.” Time management, content creation, design and décor, staffing, catering, and sponsorships are just some of the elements modern event managers learn to coordinate at Trebas. For Jennifer, her particular favourite was the exhibit marketing class.

“I’m an incredibly creative person and the final project for that class was to build a mini model of our exhibit for our event,” she explains. “I very much enjoyed that.”

Life After Event Management Courses

With Trebas, Jennifer got the skills and experience she needed to secure both an internship and a job, straight out of school. Through Trebas’ event management training program, Jennifer secured an internship with the event planning agency DX3. She is currently completing this internship, and says she can’t wait to participate in DX3’s upcoming events.

“It’s been an incredible experience getting to work with other event professionals and being able to contribute my skills towards something great,” she says.

After DX3, Jennifer is moving on to become a volunteer coordinator for an events company called Achilles Media. She met with Achilles while she was still enrolled in Trebas looking for an internship. The company was so impressed with her training and enthusiasm that she was offered a job instead!

“I have to say getting offered a job before I’m even finished school was an incredible feeling. I’ll be working specifically for the Banff Media Festival and will be venturing out west sometime in the near future to do that.”

Congratulations Jennifer! We are so proud of all you have achieved, and look forward to hearing about what your future has in store.

Inspired by Jennifer’s story?

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Proud of Our Graduates: Haniya Aslam

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 - Written by: Trebas Toronto

music producing college

Trebas graduate Haniya Aslam.

This week, as part of our Proud of Our Graduates series, we’re introducing readers to Haniya Aslam. Through Trebas’ Audio Engineering, Production, and DJ Arts program, Haniya has earned herself an exciting and creative career as a freelance score composer, sound designer, and mix engineer. Read on to learn how Haniya achieved her place in the sound engineering world.

Starting at the Top

Three years ago, Haniya moved to Toronto from Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Paktunkhwa province, where she was in a band for six years. The band, Zeb and Haniya, recorded two studio albums and toured extensively, attracting listeners from all over the world and a social media following of over 350,000 fans.

While her cousin and long-time music partner Zeb provided the main vocals, Haniya was responsible for the group’s instrumentals—which critics noted as “forging a new space in Pakistan’s contemporary music scene.” Her music drew from across musical cultural boundaries, pulling influences from jazz, blues, and folk songs, infused with notes from Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

While most of their songs are in Urdu, some also feature Pashto, Dari, and Turkish lyrics. Their global tour and international appeal saw the band perform for NPR, record the soundtrack for a Pakistani TV show, and take the stage for an official Coke Studio Session. Zeb and Haniya were a critical and commercial hit.

Even with a successful music career under her belt, Haniya sought to improve her skills. She felt that she needed practical training and began searching for a top music producing college.

“I realized that my lack of technical knowledge held me back from achieving my potential as a musician, a composer and a producer,” she explains. “After extensive research on music and audio engineering schools, I decided on Trebas.”

Fine-Tuning Her Career with Trebas

She enrolled in Trebas’ Audio Engineering, Production, and DJ training program to spend some time honing her craft.

“I had joined Trebas in the hopes of improving my composition and performance chops,” says Haniya, “but one year at Trebas helped me achieve so much more, and understand how vast the world of audio engineering actually is.”

From composing to performing, recording, mixing, and editing, Haniya was able to try her hand at state-of-the-art sound technologies and techniques. She became a more well-rounded musician, with a deeper understanding of what the field of professional sound production truly entails.

In a matter of months, she was ready to get to work in this highly-specialized industry. “The 11 months at Trebas were packed with useful information, in addition to the little tips and tricks the instructors shared from their own experiences in the field.”

Enjoying Life After Graduation

Since graduating from Trebas Audio and DJ college, Haniya has worked as a freelance sound professional. Open to and qualified for a range of sound industry jobs, she has earned herself positions with Citrus Audio as a score composer and music supervisor of a feature film, as well as a sound designer and mix engineer on two short films so far.

Her latest projects have yet to be released, but keep an eye on Haniya’s Vimeo account for a peek at what they entail. The future is bright for Haniya with the skills she learned in audio school.

“Every day I find myself in situations that would have been impossible to handle without the knowledge base that Trebas gave me,” she explains.

We are so proud of all that Haniya has achieved, and wish her the best as she continues to make music and shape soundscapes throughout her exciting career.

Inspired by Haniya’s story?

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